Client Dashboard

Mystery shopping software-1View comes with interactive dashboards & reports that help your client to visualize live and updated data in one interface. Our solution is capable to generate dashboards and reports tailored to your client’s needs. Our drill down reports empowers your client to analyze the data at a much more granular level.


Automatic Report Scheduler

Schedule the delivery of crucial reports and dashboards straight to your client’s mailbox.  This saves your client’s time & efforts and gives complete insights in just a few clicks.

Hierarchical Data Access for Clients

With 1View, your client can provide the access to reports and Dashboards for location users according to the organizational hierarchy. This helps to control the view of reports and client users can focus on relevant information pertaining to their locations.



1View provides escalation feature to directly highlight any disparity and trigger an escalation email with the predefined turnaround time to the concerned location manager. This helps location managers to take immediate actions on situations that need attention.

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