Unlimited Clients Management

With 1View manage all your clients from a single screen with complete control over the data access to users for these projects. Track progress of multiple projects simultaneously through dedicated report automatically consolidating data generated across clients.



The Mystery shopping software offers you the flexibility to design various type of questionnaires and assign weight basis question’s importance. The system allows the Project Manager to easily create the survey using the excel upload utility.

Audit Management

Monitor ongoing audits in your portal on a single screen, effectively track deadlines, view progress of shops in different stages of the project execution timeline to plan accordingly.


Quality Control Over Data

Ensure quality of reports before publishing it to your clients. Not only can you review proofs & findings submitted by the shoppers, but you can also send back the reports to the shoppers with your comments against each question highlighting the changes. You can also make changes in the reports before submitting it to your client.

Control over Reporting

With controlled access over report publishing, have the freedom to choose when to publish the report for locations to clients. Additionally, with defined access to locations for the users, 1View enables hierarchical view of audit locations and results according to specific business units of your clientele.


Users Management

1View allows you to classify your internal and external users as per their roles. Users then have access to only those modules which are defined as per the assigned role. Along with this, control the access to clients for your internal users.

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