Shopper Management

1View’s Intuitive user interface makes applying for opportunities, submitting reports, tracking the payments and much more an easy ride. Shoppers are informed through emails and notifications on new assignments, reports acceptance and payment status. A shopper has access to both web-portal and Mobile app to report updated and authentic data from point of execution.


Dynamic Shopper Profiling

1View shopper profiling feature help to profile the qualified shoppers who match your different project requirement. You can find suitable shopper basis geography, age, preferences, hobbies, education qualification etc. Shopper profiles intelligently impact the opportunities a shopper can view and apply for.

Recommended Shopper

The 1View mystery shopping software recommends the right candidate for mystery shopping basis their preferences, performance in similar assignments, composite rating, locations etc. Not only this saves a lot of time of project manager but also provide them the flexibility to directly assign jobs to the suitable shopper.


Shopper App

1View shopper app is available in android & IOS platform, compatible with tablets and other handheld devices. The shopper has the flexibility to submit his reports along with Media proofs like Images, video, audio from the audit location. In-app notifications keep the shopper informed about new opportunities, assignments, the status of submitted reports, and payments.

Training and Certification

1View helps to ensure that shopper know about the audit before they start working on it. The solution comes with integrated online training and certification tool to train your shoppers before they take up an audit. Not only this helps to familiarize shopper with surveys, but also with your audit’s objective. Only the certified shopper can apply for the jobs. The online training material can be tailored as per your project’s needs.


Payment Management

1View helps with payment management by providing visibility on the amount payable to the shopper. 1View also ensures 100% transparency by displaying the same amount to the shopper also, removing any doubts which may arise with the shopper. Payment information helps companies to keep track of payables and consolidate the project expenses.

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